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Beeswax: genuine or fake?

Australian bees wax is high grade when the wax is processed from the capping that are removed as the honey is extracted.

Once considered a by-product of honey production, beeswaxes now a valuable item. Prices have risen due to demand as the Australian wax is sought on the world market. Organic honey producers are getting prices up to $40/kg for their organic wax. Non organic wax is getting prices in the order of $16 to $20/kg. Recycling of used combs to render gown the wax is therefore becoming much more attractive.

On the other side of the equation are the increasing prices of the cost of foundation wax used for new combs.

Consequently, it may be tempting to buy cheap foundation from overseas, mainly from China. It is laced with paraffin wax that has very little beeswax.

One large national company ordered pure beeswax from China, which was tested and found to be 100% paraffin wax.

Overseas, some of the anti-varroa mite treatments (chemicals) have been shown to be so concentrated in the beeswax combs that it affects the viability of both the queens' eggs and the drone sperm.

Wax foundation bought from other countries is counter productive even if the beeswax is pure as it is likely to contain the very contaminants that Australian wax is recognised for being free from.

Why then introduce these contaminants in your own hive and honey production?

Buy only Australian beeswax foundation from a reputable beekeeping supply.

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Sep 30, 2019

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