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Parker Super Beehive

You can buy from us directly or from our large network of stockists around Australia.

An Australian registered design and patented product. The full depth eight and ten frame box, lid and bottom board are made from 'long-life structural foam' plastic with an ultra-violet stabiliser.

Thousands of Parker Super Beehives are in use throughout Australia and overseas since the last 40 years.


  • 30 years warranty

  • No maintenance

  • Better insulation than timber

  • Assist in disease protection

  • Perfect for branding against theft

  • Food grade material

  • Organic certified

  • No painting

  • Ready for immediate use

  • Quick and easy to assemble

  • Interchangeable with wooden hives

  • Hygienic and easy to clean

  • No rotting

  • Resistant to white ants and termites

  • Resistant to many bee diseases

  • Very good insulation properties

  • UV stabilised with insulated core

  • Extremely hard wearing

  • Ultra modern

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